Greenwood Hills Cemetery
Greenwood Hills Cemetery
Maintenance Association

Greenwood Hills Cemetery Maintenance Association is a volunteer organization dedicated to maintaining the grounds of Greenwood Hills Cemetery in a manner that respects the dead, honors the living, and preserves a valuable connection with our rich pioneer history.  Through responsible stewardship of resources, we strive to maintain a safe and beautiful open space where people can come to remember the past and enjoy the natural world which we hold in sacred trust for the future.


Kindly send all inquiries and questions to:

Brendan McGillicuddy - Archivist
Lisa McGillicuddy - Assistant Archivist
PO Box 80701
Portland, OR  97280
Brendan is also available by phone: 

Alternate Contact:
Hattie Mead - Cemetery Chair


Look for upcoming events soon!


  • Our Fall 2014 Newsletter is online on our Newsletters & History page.  Our Spring 2015 Newsletter will be published in April 2015.

  • We now accept donations using PayPal from our Contact Us! page.  PayPal is one of the safest forms of online payment methods and if you set up the account using your savings account, it's free.  As well, making credit card donations just got easier.  You can click on the Donate button and make a credit card donation without having to set up a PayPal account at all.  It's easy and convenient.

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