Greenwood Hills Cemetery
Greenwood Hills Cemetery
Maintenance Association

Greenwood Hills Cemetery Maintenance Association is a volunteer organization dedicated to maintaining the grounds of Greenwood Hills Cemetery in a manner that respects the dead, honors the living, and preserves a valuable connection with our rich pioneer history.  Through responsible stewardship of resources, we strive to maintain a safe and beautiful open space where people can come to remember the past and enjoy the natural world which we hold in sacred trust for the future.


Kindly send all inquiries and questions to:
PO Box 80701
Portland, OR  97280
or you can call our Cemetery Chair

Alternate Contact:
Hattie Mead - Cemetery Chair

Day of Transformation - May 2016
GHC Clean-up Day


Email us or contact our Cemetery Chair for information.

  • Gravesite Location and Archive Services are provided to family members only.  Not only are we an all-volunteer organization with no office, we do not have the staff available to handle outside volunteer requests.  Additionally, our policy is to protect the privacy of those buried here and their families.  If you are a gravesite locator website volunteer, we ask that you direct all family inquiries to us so we can assist them directly.  Thank you.
  • REMINDER:  Greenwood Hills Cemetery is private property.  We ask that all volunteer work be submitted to and approved by our Cemetery Chair and/or Board beforehand.
  • We gladly accept donations sent via check to: PO Box 80701, Portland, OR 97280.
  • Marker Request Requirements are in effect.  We strongly recommend working with our supplier and installer of markers, River View Cemetery.  River View knows our requirements, they provide exceptional customer service, and they are physically located right next door to GHC.  As well, a portion of the sale is donated back to GHC for continued maintenance.  However, requestors can work with their own supplier of these services.  If you choose your own supplier, markers must be direct-shipped to your supplier; GHC will not accept delivery.  Concrete work and installation of markers must be performed by a licensed Oregon contractor who must provide proof of liability insurance.  GHC may, at its discretion, request an insurance binder.  IMPORTANT:  All marker requests must initially go through our Archivist with NO EXCEPTIONS, as the Archivist must validate the location and mark the site with flags.  Stones must be of granite.  Minimum size is 20"x10"x4" and must be placed in a concrete footing 28"x18"x6" with at least 2" of concrete beneath the marker. If you have any questions, our contact info is listed to the left or you can use our contact form on our Contact Us! page.  THERE IS A $75 Staking Fee for stone work done by outside contractors.  Please contact the Cemetery Chair to make arrangements for payment BEFORE performing any work in the cemetery:   



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